What Is Vero?

If you are on social media with any kind of frequency, you have probably heard of this new app called 'Vero.' What is Vero exactly? It's an app really similar to Instagram that claims to be true social media. 

It's a social app that allows you to categorize your people into three different categories, close friends, friends, or acquaintances. It makes it easier for you to organize your content based on who you want to see it. If you don't want your 'acquaintance' contacts to see you post about the location you're currently at, you can schedule it so that only close friends can view that post. While this option IS available on Facebook, it isn't as easily done, and a lot of people don't know you can categorize friends. 

So far I only have one connection, but I only created my account five minutes ago. So far the interface is nice, and the one girl I follow has been frequent in posting, so I have been able to get a nice feel for the app. Be aware, the app is buggy. It's absolutely brand new, so perfection isn't to be expected. 

My biggest frustration is that everything takes FOREVER. It takes a really long time to load everything. With any new digital software though, no matter how many testers go through the app, there will always be more bugs once users get around to discovering the app. I have struggled in posting and accepting friend requests. If the app doesn't fix these issues soon, it will die. Not might, but will. People are not going to stick around when at launch your key features don't work 75% of the time.

It has yet to be seen if Vero will be able to break through the groundwork that has already been established by larger entities. Snapchat worked because it was something we didn't already have. Even now though, people are abandoning the app for Facebook and Instagram. Where Snapchat has begun to fall short, Instagram and Facebook have taken note and are making sure to not make those same mistakes. If Vero can follow the model of what people are frustrated by Facebook and Instagram algorithms, MAYBE they can have a life. Vero is so similar to the tons of apps we currently have, that it will take a lot for a migration. 

Will I have to switch to being Vero Model instead of an Instagram Model. Time shall tell. 

In the meantime, add me on Vero so if it does blow up, we are connected! 

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