Bitmoji and Snapchat Get An Update

Bitmoji and Snapchat, two things that go together like apple pie and ice cream. Bitmoji makes me feel like I have my own little Lizzie McGuire drawing. 

Bitmoji used to be completely customizable, while it still is, you are able to make your mini me's look a little more realistic. Now, you start off with a selfie, and the app creates the face completely for you! 

Previously, you started with a completely blank canvas, where now we have something to work off of! 

The only thing I changed about mine was the hair and the makeup. They gave me a short style with side swept bangs rather than blunt fringe bangs. I also had no makeup on except my fake lashes when I took the selfie, so I added my neutral eye and a bold lip. 

I'd say that is a pretty good match! I am so obsessed! The new look is a lot more realistic, and has a larger variety of hairstyles and looks. Which is awesome. Previously there was no real hairstyle that matched mine, so I had to pick one that was close. Where the one I have now is spot on. 

Now for Snapchat... oh Snapchat. Your new update is terrible.

Twitter has been abuzz with hate and people begging for Snapchat to go back to the old design. My biggest issue with the update is that there is SO MUCH that it's hard to tell what is going on. 

It's just extremely hard to tell what messages you have and have not read. The difference between a read and unread message is barely different. I like the idea of seeing their bitmoji next to their name, but nix the stories aspect, keep it in a different screen. Also, don't make the names bold, previously a bolded name meant you had an unopned snap from them. Now it's just a little marker under their name. 

This update needs work Snapchat, or you might start seeing a pretty heavy migration. 

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