You Should Start Bullet Journaling

Bullet Journals are all the rage on Pinterest and I recently picked up one of my own! 

What is a bullet journal? It's basically a notebook/planner that is completely customizable. It's a dot grid journal, and you can turn it into whatever you want! 

I use mine mostly for planning, habit tracking, and allowances. 

I have severe anxiety and I like to track how my mood is effecting my anxiety, if at all. I like being able to write notes about my day and see my anxiety levels. It helps me notice trends in my anxiety attacks and how to keep on top of my mental health. 

I am pretty serious about money saving and keeping my credit under control. I like to physically write how much money is being spent. Plus I add in exactly WHERE my money is going and where expenses can be cut. 

The best part of bullet journaling. You can make it ANYTHING you want it to be! You can make it as artsy or plain as you want. You can make it completely about finance, or scheduling, or everything in between. Unlike your typical planner, these are completely customizable to fit your needs. 

I bought my bullet journal from Amazon but they are sold everywhere. Ready to start one of your own? I used this article from BuzzFeed, to get me going and have some basic ideas. Next thing you know you'll be falling down a very deep Pinterest and YouTube hole. 

Do you already have a bullet journal? Send me pics! 

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