Bath & Body Works Has The CUTEST Unicorn Line

I was browsing the internet for some new cute bath bombs, and found a glitter UNICORN bath bomb from Bath & Body Works. Only to find out that they have an entire unicorn line that they have been selling right under our noses! The line is not extensive, but the few products they have are SO adorable!

The line ranges from the cutest PocketBac holder, 

To a unicorn sponge,

to a unicorn trainer mini gift set, 

to that amazing COTTON CANDY bath bomb!

I texted a couple of my friends, and none of them had ever heard of the line. Valentine's Day is coming up, guess what everyone is getting in their gift bags? Pick some up for yourself at Bath & Body Works.

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This is not a sponsored post, I just love unicorn products and Bath & Body Works is great!

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