The 10 Best Feminist Podcasts You Need To Check Out

I love podcasts, I love feminism, I LOVE FEMINIST PODCASTS. Not all of these are not all political podcasts, but are at least hosted by outspoken feminist women within the community. 

1. Stuff Mom Never Told You

Stuff Mom Never Told You is hosted by two bad ass feminist females talking about the topics that are effecting women today. The show goes across topics like #MeToo, Women running for political office, and #TimesUp.

2. 2 Dope Queens

I LOVE TWO DOPE QUEENS. I have seen Phoebe Robinson's stand up when she went on the YAS QUEEN YAS tour with Ilana Glazer. The podcast is hosted by fierce feminist female comedians Phoebe Robinson and Jessica Williams. The podcast is a stand up show with our favorite queens and comedians in the community. 

3. Women Of The Hour

This is a complicated one. I love Women Of The Hour, but I have mixed feelings on Lena Dunham. The show is hosted and scripted so exceptionally well that I am able to put these feelings aside. I binged all the episodes in one day. 

4. Another Round

YAS YAS YAS ANOTHER ROUND. "Grab a drink and yell along as we talk about everything from pop culture to squirrels to racism to sexism to male strippers to literally everything,from their description is literally all you need to know. L I S T EN

5. Popaganda

The best part about this podcast is that they talk on topics a lot of other podcasts don't touch on, learning from our mistakes. Have I been a bad feminist in the past? YES. Holding yourself accountable for your mistakes is the only way to grow and learn. That is how we become a better feminist, which is my 2018 resolution by the way. Popaganda is one way I am working on that goal. 

6. My Favorite Murder

I loveeeeee My Favorite Murder. One of the MOST quotable podcasts out right now. Hosts Georgia Hardstark and Karen Kilgariff talk about true crime with a feminist undertone. These two ladies are the SWEETEST baby angles on the podcasting front right. Stay sexy and don't get murdered friends. 

7. RuPaul: What's The Tee?

The L E G E N D RuPaul and Michelle Visage host this hilarious and on topic podcast. If you don't know who RuPaul is, you need to sashay away from me RIGHT NOW. This is just a fun all out party of a podcast, but it's feminist undertones are hard to miss. Literally listening as I work on this. 

8. The History of Chicks

The hardest part about history class, is that a lot of times, we don't hear about female history like we do about males. Rosa Parks for example, was not just a woman who refused to give up her seat. She was a bad ass feminist female leading the discussion on sexual health awareness since before MLK Jr. graduated high school! 

9. Black Girl Nerds

Black Girl Nerds has a special place in my heart. Being a nerdy female can at times, feel isolating and sexualized. The second you tell someone that you enjoy anything deemed geeky, you either get questioned as being fake, or overly sexualized. Some women like my icon Meg Turney completely embrace being a hot nerd female, and I love it. I just want to talk about Legend of Zelda without a male saying that he wants to play Zelda then have sex. This show is made to be a fun and open space for POC women to discuss how being a nerd and patriarchy intersect.

10. I Want It That Way

I believe creating a more open dialogue about sex is what will lead to a better understanding of our health. Rather than demonizing sex, we need to talk about it as something people just DO. Making people feel ashamed or slutty for having sex is not the way to prevent STD's, unwanted pregnancies, and creating more sexual health screenings. I shouldn't feel embarrassed to ask my partner the last time he was screened. It should be a normal discussion, "hey, you're cute. You think I'm cute, and I wanna get naked with you. Before that can happen though, I need to know we are taking the proper precautions. Have you been tested since your last partner?" This show talks about all things sex, without the stigma. 

What are your favorite feminist podcasts? 

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