The Best Skin Care Products In 2018

I am obsessed with my skincare routine and have an entire drawer in my vanity dedicated to face masks and peels. I have extremely oily skin, to the point I have to use blotting sheets at least twice a day if I am working long hours. I also have EXTREMELY sensitive skin. I have an allergy to the antibiotic Bactrim and a sensitivity to all antibiotics. What that means is that while I CAN take antibiotics, I have to take it in weird doses so I don't have a reaction. If I use acne products with too much medication in it, I get a rash all over my entire face. I used a three step acne clearing system before I went to New York City, and I ended up being allergic to it. I had to pack anti rash cream with me because my face was red, puffy, and my skin was tight and peeling. 

I wear a lot of makeup which makes my skincare routine EXTREMELY important. These are some of the products I swear by. The stars are from Amazon reviews. 

1. Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay - 4.5 Stars

This healing clay is a life saver for my skin. It works best when mixed with apple cider vinegar, which really put me off. Yet the difference between using vinegar against water is astounding. It dries out my skin, but in a good way. Pulls out the oils and impurities from my skin, and makes it silky smooth. I use it especially when I am having a break out. The mask clears up my acne in a day or two. Buy it on Amazon starting at $8.

2. Mizon Snail Repair Cream - 4 Stars

One day I was curious as to what the weirdest k-beauty products that actually WORKED were. The snail repair cream kept coming up over and over again. This has become my GO TO product for every night. I have turned a ton of people onto this product. I even bought a small travel size to keep with me if I stay at a friends house. My skin is soft and RARELY breaks out, and when I was suffering from some pretty bad adult acne, this helped clear up and even out my skin. Buy it on Amazon starting at $7.

3. Tony Moly Sheet Masks - Stars Vary

Amazon used to sell all of the Tony Moly Sheet Masks in a 10 pack, but have since discontinued that feature. They are still cheaper to purchase on Amazon than what I found at my local beauty store. When I bought them in an actual store, they were about $5 in the k beauty section. On Amazon they run about $2.50-$3. These are my favorite sheet masks to use. I have about 15 in a drawer, that I pop on whenever my skin needs a little hydration. I try to keep at least one of every type of mask in my vanity at all the times. My favorite is the lavender hydrating mask for $3 on Amazon.

4. The Body Shop Tea Tree Moisturizer - 4 Stars

When I was younger I NEVER wore moisturizer, no matter how many YouTube beauty gurus I watched said that it was a must. As I got older I have found that they were right all along, they help with my acne, keep my skin soft, and keeps my makeup looking clean. I went through a lot of moisturizers before I found one that I liked. Tea Tree oil is what was recommended for me to use when I got bumps on my nose piercing. I had heard people live and die by their tea tree oil, and this cream was affordable, and I fell in love. You can get it on Amazon for $11.

5. NYX Micellar Water - 4 Stars 

I wear a lot of makeup, and a lot of face washes don't get it all off. This stuff clears it up in about three cotton rounds. I also use this to clean my face every morning. I love NYX makeup products, plus the bottle was huge and cheap. It lasts me around two months using it twice a day to wash my face. You can buy it on the NYX for $7.

6. BLAQ Face Peel - 4.5 Stars

With my nose piercing I can't wear my usual pore strips for blackhead removal. I tried wearing one once and it almost pulled the stud out. I switched to the BLAQ charcoal face peel so I could put it around the piercing. Just be warned, don't put this face mask all over, just your nose. I did that once and it pulled all my baby hairs and peach fuzz out. My eyes were watering from the pain. It works AMAZING for removing that gunk from your nose. You can get it on Amazon for $29.

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