Is Kylie Jenner Going To Confirm Her Pregnancy This Weekend?

We have been waiting on news about Kylie Jenner's pregnancy for months. The original theory was that we would get our announcement on Christmas Day when Kris Jenner revealed the full Kardashian/Jenner Holiday card. 

Christmas Day came, and we got no Kylie. Literally, Kylie is not apart of the Holiday card at all. Speculations came to be that it was because it would be next to near impossible to hide her baby bump, and that she doesn't want to announce it until after the baby has arrived. 

Ever since news broke that Kylie Jenner may be expecting, we haven't gotten any of our usual Kylie Instagram posts. Usually Kylie doesn't shy away from posting pictures in form fitting outfits and showing off her body. Recently we have only gotten selfies that cut off at her shoulders, or in extremely over sized outfits. 

The promo for the new Keeping Up With The Kardashians has been released and it might be the time we finally get Kylie's pregnancy announcement! The trailer states that this is about to reveal a secret SO HUGE that it will take two episodes to get the news out! 

Online speculation has said that it is just the Kardashian/Jenner squad revealing Khloe's baby. Here is why I don't think that is the case. The reason behind the two parter is that we are getting Khloe AND Kylie. Part one is going to be Khloe's baby and at the end of that episode we'll get a "BUT THAT'S NOT THE ONLY BABY IN THE FAMILY... WHO ELSE IS PREGNANT? WE TELL YOU TOMORROW" *CUE SHOCKED FACES* Part two episode will FINALLY show us Kylie! 

What do you think? Will we finally hear about Kylie's baby?

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