Maui's Best Food Spots At Disneyland

Turkey leg, corn dog or lobster nachos? Yup. Mmm.

Let's face it, sometimes you need a snack - or meal - while at the park. I found a site that listed a whole bunch of spots inside Disneyland. I've been to all of them, but these are my favorites!

Little Red Wagon (Main Street)

Not that we know anyone who calls it that. Everyone else just says "that corn dog stand at the end of Main Street." That's all you need to know, because they're that good. If the line is insane, also try Corn Dog Castle in DCA, or settle for Hot Dog Hut.

Cove Bar (Paradise Pier) 

Can't get a table at Ariel's Grotto but still want all the booze? See if they'll squeeze you in next door while devouring lobster nachos! Plus the Raspberry Piña CoLAVA is amazing.

Lucky Fortune Cookery (Pacific Wharf, near Paradise Pier) 

Chinese? Easy. Pick your protein: chicken, beef, or tofu. Pick your sauce: Mandarin orange, teriyaki, Thai coconut curry or, the tastiest choice, spicy Korean. Don't forget the pot stickers!

Plaza Inn (Main Street) 

Plenty of room here. Their fried chicken meal is big enough for 2; maybe get a slice of their great dessert cakes too. You can even sit and eat while watching the evening fireworks if you time it out right.

Goofy's Kitchen (Disneyland Hotel) 

This spot is a little pricier, considering it is a buffet - but wow they have options! I recommend making a reservations a few days ahead too. If you got kids, they will love it when many Disney characters come out to dance and take pictures. 


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