Steve Aoki Has Actually Been A Directioner For More Than Three Years

It may seem to some that Steve Aoki's collaboration with Louis Tomlinson of One Direction, "Just Hold On," came out of nowhere, but the truth is Steve has been a Directioner since at least 2014. 

Both Steve Aoki and One Direction performed at the 2014 iHeartRadio Music Festival, and in an interview with iHeartRadio prior to the show, Aoki admitted that he was a fan of One D's hit "Story Of My Life." 

When asked what song people may be surprised to know he liked, he said, "I'm a fan of 'Story Of My Life,' by One Direction. I like that song," adding, "It's important to not know who the artists are, sometimes, and listen to music just to hear if you like it. That's one of those songs where I'm like, 'Oh yeah, this song's dope!' and they're like, 'It's by One Direction,' and [I'm like] 'The boy band!? Oh damn! That's dope, that's cool man!' That opened my whole mind up to loving boy bands."

Check out Steve Aoki's full interview with iHeartRadio above!

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