Justin Bieber was detained at LAX for five hours by customs, as he came back to the United States.

He arrived at the airport from Singapore around 1pm on Thursday, and a source says that he was pulled aside by 'secondary questioning' from U.S. immigration officials.

As he left LAX, he was seen sticking his tongue out and grabbing his crotch as he ran out of the airport with his bodyguards.

The incident comes a week after the White House responded to a petition for Bieber to be deported, saying,'Sorry to disappoint, but we won't be commenting on this one.'


** Bieber was also stopped by New Jersey customs authorities in January, while returning from Canada.

At the time, Biebs was flagged because of his two pending criminal cases.  The Patriot Act allows the government to monitor those traveling into the U.S. from another country if they have convictions or active cases.