Logan Lynn, the Chief Communications Officer for Trillium Family Services, revisited the studio to talk with Tra'Renee and Danica about what's new with Trillium and his latest studio album adieu.

Logan is a true advocate of Trillium Family Services. Trillium is Oregon's largest provider of mental and behavioral healthcare for children and families. Their mission is to create safe communities where it is safe for children and families to come together and grow. Nominations are going on now through Trillium to nominate your Mental Health Hero. Visit https://trilliumfamily.org/advocacy/keep-oregon-well/  to nominate a hero of yours who has helped you through your Mental Health journey.

Mental health is such an important part of our lives where it is truly a daily practice. The negative stigma around the topic has opened up doors for a campaign called Keep Oregon Well. Keep Oregon Well, a play off of Keep Oregon Weird, is an awareness campaign apart of Trillium Family Services to fight against the stigma of Mental Health. The Keep Oregon Well campaign is about being able to come together and openly talk about Mental Health rather than being ashamed of it.

Logan has openly talked about his own past experiences with Mental Health and turns to music to help fight the Mental Health stigma through the arts. Logan's latest studio album adieu is Logan's 8th album, which takes you through his own mental health journey. For more information on Logan's work please visit http://www.loganlynnmusic.com/bio-press/.

To learn more about Trillium Family Services and where to get involved visit https://www.trilliumfamily.org/about/mission/