To Whom It May Concern,

 To quote Alexander Pope “To err is human; to forgive, divine.” I admit, I am guilty, I am guilty of being human, I am guilty of making mistakes, and however, I am also guilty of forgiving others. We are all guilty in some form or another, even those we look to uphold the law. I write to you on this day, to call upon you, to search deep and wide within you, to find and show the compassion and empathy of someone who has experienced what it is like to have faulted and yet be forgiven, because you were shown the same dignity and sympathy that I request of you.

I recognize the inherit dangers of being a Parking Enforcement Officer, hazardous and ever changing work conditions, dismal treatment from unhappy and possibly, God forbid, violent customers, long hours, these are not easy tasks to deal with, and Lord knows the brave men and women protecting our parking rights do not earn the wage they so willingly deserve.


An apology is most certainly in order from myself, I am sorry that I endangered the life of the Parking Officer by mounting my proof of purchase for the time I required to utilize the parking location on the wrong side of my automobile. It was careless of me and in no way meant as an insult to the officer or their time. I realize that by mounting said proof of purchase on the lane side window of my transport, it would have required the officer to step one or two paces into the street, not only placing their life in jeopardy, but the lives of the passing motorists as well. There are literally no words to describe how appalled I feel with myself for causing this conundrum.

Many people are unaware of this, but I am a very calculated individual, I measure ratios of gain and loss, calculate risk verse reward, so on and so forth. After recognizing that I had received a violation for my inexcusable act, the magnitude of the situation hit me and I needed to know, for my own sake, just how reckless I truly had been. I stood on the sidewalk for 10 minutes and counted cars as they traversed down the street and performed some simple math. In the 10 minutes I counted passing cars, 4 had driven past me. If we can assume that 4 cars pass down that road every 10 minutes, and there are 60 minutes in an hour, that is 24 cars an hour. According to the United States Department of Commerce Census Bureau, the population of Portland, OR was roughly 603,000 residents. That means 0.00398% of the population of Portland, OR drives down that particular road every hour, the odds of someone who is standing in the street, wearing a high visibility jacket, being struck are far to great! If I were facing that kind of potential of being hit, I too would not venture into such a situation.

The reason I ask for your forgiveness though is because I committed the act of a fool with no intention of harm or malice guiding it, an honest mistake if you will. After awakening at 4AM and commuting to work, then to school in order to partake in my lessons, I was what one may call a “weary traveler.” I purchased my time and placed my receipt on the passenger side (lane side) window because that was the side my backpack was on, so I placed the receipt in the window frame, grabbed my belongings, and scampered off to class (I normally casually stroll to class, but as I was running late today, haste was required, hence my scampering). I endear upon to you my deepest and sincerest apologies for my act. 

            Respect in any profession is always paramount and I respect that the backlog of these letters must be as long and deep as they are varied. I also submit that you must receive a many number of these letters that contain both harsh and disgusting language, letters that wish harm upon those whom you care most for, letters that are rich with anger and despair. However, this letter also serves as a notice of thanks, thanks for performing your job, day in and day out, putting up with the heathens and their lack of respect. I also thank you for the time and effort you have spent reading this cry for compassion and forgiveness, I wish upon you only the best and may your day be filled with overwhelming joy, happiness, and good fortune. 


With Gratitude and Kindest Regards,



Kevin Donovan



Postscript: I have enclosed a check for the required fee of the violation and ask that you please not spend it all in one place if you do not find sufficient reason to grant me a pardon or pass in this instance.