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Couple Meets on Instagram; Gets Married Seconds After Meeting In Person (WATCH)

Source:  YouTube Erica Harris and Arte Vann got “married” in the middle of LA/Ontario International Airport just seconds after meeting each other for the first time...
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Idiots of the Internet (WATCH)

Source:  YouTube "I THINK I MIGHT HAVE A CAUCASIAN" I'M DYING!   More from JoJo:  here!
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Ancient Greek Sculpture Depicts A Laptop Computer (PICS)

Source:  DailyMail   Is this proof of time travel!?   More from JoJo:  here!
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New Documentary Alleges Diddy Killed Tupac (WATCH)

Source: YouTube   The documentary, Murder Rap:  Inside the Biggie and Tupac Murders, delves into the murders of Biggie Smalls and Tupac Shakur. It makes the...
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Dad Warns Others After a Tourniquet Made Out of a Twisted Hair Nearly Took Off His Baby's Toe (PICS)

// Had a small scare this afternoon with Ms. Molly. What happened was new to me, but apparently not totally uncommon, so I... Posted by Scott Walker on  Thursday,...
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Ariel Winter Wins SAG Red Carpet; Proudly Exposes Breast-Reduction Scars (PICS) — Ariel Winter (@arielwinter1) February 4, 2016 Source:  Twitter Guys there is a reason I didn't make an effort to cover up my...
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Being the Associate Producer of 'Grease Live' is Actually Insane (WATCH)

// A lot of people have asked what it means to be the Associate Director on a show like Grease Live. Here's a peek behind the curtain. Every shot in the show was designed and...
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Channing Tatum Sings & Tap-Dances in New Hail, Caesar! Teaser (WATCH)

// EXCLUSIVE: Hail, Channing! Hear Channing Tatum sing and watch him tap-dance like Gene Kelly in new Hail, Caesar! clip: Posted by on...
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Joe Jonas Loses Keys, Gets Stuck in KIISFM Building (PICS)

Source: Joe Jonas' Snapchat (JoseAdam) Yo Joe, I'll give you a ride.   More from JoJo:  here!
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Mom Listens to Nicki Minaj for the First Time (WATCH)

Source:  Vine Guess it goes without saying, Nicki is NOT mom approved (at least not *this* mom).   More from JoJo:  here!
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