"Swish Swish" or "Swift Swift"?

Some people think Katy Perry's new single is about Taylor Swift, who she is rumored to have beef with. 

Let's look at some of the lyrics. 

“From a selfish or a sheep, don’t you come for me," which sounds like the time Katy tweeted out "Watch out for the Regina George in sheep’s clothing" after Taylor put out "Bad Blood."

When Katy was asked if her new album would have a response to “Bad Blood,” she said, “One thing to note is: You can’t mistake kindness for weakness and don’t come for me.”

“You’re calculated. I got your number, ‘Cause you’re a joker. And I’m a courtside killer queen. And you will kiss the ring."

"Funny my name keeps comin' outcho mouth 'cause I stay winning."


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Read all the lyrics here and tell me what you think!