47-year-old James Sapp made his first court appearance Tuesday on charges related to the shooting of officer Dustin Goudschaal in Vancouver.

Sapp was pulled over for driving his wife's pickup which had different license plates. Officer Goudschal was shot seven times.

Sapp fled the scene in his truck and then crashed.  He carjacked another truck from an 88-year-old man.  He assaulted two people who tried to stop him.  He crashed that truck and ran into a neighborhood.  He was captured after a search that lasted several hours.

Sapp is charged with attempted murder, robbery and unlawful possession of a firearm.  He's being held on $10 million bail.

Court documents indicate Sapp has connections to White Supremacist groups.  His record shows he has past convictions in Oregon and Washington for drug and weapon possessions.