Three suspects have been arrested in a large credit card theft case discovered last week in Beaverton.

Click Here to view photos of the suspects and evidence collected in the investigation.

Beaverton Ofcr. Mike Rowe said the investigation began Oct. 21 when the Best Buy store reported a case of fraud involving stolen credit cards. Beaverton Police worked with the U.S. Secret Service and the Port of Portland Police to arrest three suspects at the airport two days later.

Daviel Brown, 28, and Robert Lee Brown, 35, of Oakland, Calif., and Blake Littles of Pixley, Calif. are facing charges identity theft and theft charges. The Browns were also wanted on similar charges out of California.

During the investigation, police found a mountain of evidence: more than 200 counterfeit credit cards and driver's licenses, a credit card embosser and electronic credit card encoder, hologram Visa stickers and merchandise purchased with the counterfeit cards. They also found $5,000 cash.

Images courtesty of the Beaverton Police Department.