Oregon City Police are looking for a man who groped an 11-year-old girl on Monday.  The girl was riding her bike at 6:15 pm around the exercise path at Mt. Pleasant Elementary School when it happened.  Police officers arrived on scene within minutes then searched the area, but the suspect was not located.

Even though several people were in the park at the time, none of them saw the incident.  The girl's mother saw the man running away on foot down Warner Parrott Road towards South End Road. 

The suspect is described as: 

-Light skinned Hispanic male adult, roughly 20 years of age. 

-Last seen wearing a yellow t-shirt with skateboard design on front, black athletic shorts, black Airwalk tennis shoes with a swastika symbol, and red hat. 

-Clean shaven. 

-Swastika tattoo on L elbow. 

-Blue tattoo with cursive writing on L forearm. 

-Large scar around the outside of R eye. 

If you have any information regarding this case, please contact the Oregon City Police dispatch at 503-655-8211 or the Tip line at 503-496-1616.