Investigators with the West Linn Police Department have seized approximately 10 pounds of Marijuana and other drugs, and over $18,000 in U.S. currency during a continuing investigation into the trafficking of narcotics into the city. In November, multiple search warrants were served in West Linn and in the City of Eugene. The investigation has yielded a plethora of intelligence and has identified other individuals involved in the illicit trade of narcotics within the city.

On November 19, 2013 investigators served a search warrant at the home of Francesco Zorich, 51, in West Linn. Investigators developed information that Zorich was selling marijuana and employing West Linn High School students to tend to his grow operation.  Zorich was paying for their services with marijuana. During this warrant nearly 2 pounds of Marijuana and over $3500 in U.S. currency was seized.

On November 25, 2013 investigators arrested Nick Joscelyn, 20 from West Linn, after he delivered marijuana and other drugs from Eugene to an 18 year old former West Linn High School Student. Investigators seized a half pound of marijuana and over $2500 in U.S. currency. That night investigators served a search warrant an apartment in Eugene and arrested Connor Krug, 21, of West Linn for Conspiracy to commit Delivery of a Controlled Substance MDMA, Conspiracy to commit Delivery of a Controlled Substance Marijuana, Delivery of a Controlled Substance Marijuana. Approximately one pound of marijuana and over $4100 in U.S. currency was seized during the execution of that warrant.

Many of those identified in the investigation are former and current West Linn High School students. Much of the marijuana seized was destined for the high school through a network of dealers from all grade levels. MDMA, Marijuana Oil and other controlled substances were included in the investigation as well.

"I've heard numerous kids from inside and out of West Linn High School refer to our town as 'Weed Linn'. This operation was partially responsible for that by supplying in excess of a pound a week of Marijuana into the high school", said for Detective Francis, former School Resource Officer at West Linn High School. "Many of the arrangements to do deals were done during school hours."

Over the course of the investigation, investigators found a number of those involved in the delivery of marijuana were a part of the Oregon Medical Marijuana Program yet they were selling to those who were not a part of the program.

"Every law enforcement jurisdiction is very proactive when it comes to enforcing the laws against those that profit from illegal drug sales." Said Chief Terry Timeus, West Linn Police Deparmtent. The three individuals in this case were clearly selling to kids in the West Linn community. Clearly, many of those kids have now been identified as either seller and/or users of the substances they bought from these individuals. There are many different opinions as to the use of Marijuana and everyone is entitled to their opinions; and they are just that, opinions. But I am certain everyone agrees giving and/or selling drugs to kids is despicable. I ensure you that those that have been associating with these drug dealers, buying from these drug dealers or helping these drug dealers can expect a visit from the West Linn Police Department. The investigation is ongoing and more arrests are inevitable. We will be working closely with the Clackamas County District Attorney's O ffice to ensure all offenders involved in this case are prosecuted and given the maximum amount of time in the Oregon State Penitentiary System that the law allows."