(Yahoo!) - Kate Upton may have turned down a California teen's prom date request, but not because she dislikes dancing.

In advance of Sunday's Super Bowl, the 21-year-old model had a Vogue magazine photo shoot with some NFL stars at MetLife Stadium, where the big game will be played between the Seattle Seahawks and Denver Broncos. During the flash frenzy, she did a playful impression of New York Giants receiver Victor Cruz's famous end-zone salsa dance … to the delight of football lovers and haters alike.

The blonde — who will no doubt be prominently featured in the new Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issue when it's announced — isn't quite as polished as Cruz when it comes to doing his trademark victory dance. Yet, in the Instagram video, you'll see she makes up for it with charisma as she tosses off her trench, spikes her clutch, and shimmies in the end zone, letting out a hoot when as she finishes.

And Cruz approved, according to his Twitter. Though he is retaining ownership of the dance.

During her time in the spotlight, Upton hasn't been afraid to shake her hips for the world. She stirred up controversy when she donned a tiny bikini and provocatively danced to "Cat Daddy" during a shoot with photographer Terry Richardson. YouTube removed the video, claiming it violated their policy on nudity or sexual content. She also showed off her footwork doing the Dougie at a basketball game, danced on sand while shooting her Beach Bunny Swimwear ad campaign, and pretty much cuts a rug in every photo shoot she does these days.

Meanwhile, Upton isn't the only celeb who has attempted Cruz's signature shimmy. Leading up to her performance at the half-time show for Super Bowl 2012, Madonna showed off her own Cruz impression. She said that his dance "inspired" her to practice her salsa moves.